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Integration and installation

Integrating the iOS2Sketch iOS framework and installing the iOS2Sketch Sketch plugin.

Integrate the iOS2Sketch iOS framework (The latest version is v1.1.1)

To use iOS2Sketch, you first need to integrate the iOS2Sketch iOS Framework into your iOS project in one of two ways. (The following integration process requires you to have a basic understanding of iOS development. If you don't know much about iOS development, you may need to ask a colleague or friend who knows iOS development to help you complete this step.)

Using CocoaPods

Requirements: iOS 10.2+, Xcode 11+

The instructions below assume you have already configured your Xcode project or workspace for use with CocoaPods - if you haven't already, please refer to Using CocoaPods to configure it. We also assume you are using the latest version of CocoaPods, if the instructions below do not work, please update your CocoaPods to the latest version.

Add the following to your Podfile

pod 'iOS2Sketch', :configurations => ['Debug']

Then run the following command in your project directory

pod install

Use the source code directly

Requirements: iOS 10.2+

Place the source code of the iOS2Sketch iOS Framework ( directly into your project.

Note: Only for Debug builds, should not be used for Release builds.

Install the iOS2Sketch Sketch plugin

Requirements: Sketch63+

Download the iOS2Sketch Sketch plugin from the link below, and double-click to install it after the download is complete.

Download the latest iOS2Sketch Sketch plugin (v1.1.1)

Then check the "Plugins" menu of Sketch, if there is iOS2Sketch in it, the plugin is installed successfully.

About version updates

If a newer version of iOS2Sketch is released in the future, and you want to update to the latest version, you need to update both the iOS2Sketch iOS Framework and the iOS2Sketch Sketch plugin to the latest, otherwise they may not work together.