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UI frameworks used to implement App UI are divided into native frameworks and non-native frameworks.

Native frameworks mainly include UIKit and SwiftUI. Non-native frameworks mainly include React Native, Flutter and some other Web-based frameworks.

iOS2Sketch currently works with UI pages developed with UIKit (UIKit is still the most widely used iOS UI development framework, and most of the commonly used apps are mainly implemented with UIKit).

For pages developed with UIKit, iOS2Sketch can usually capture and display them accurately. But for the following components, iOS2Sketch cannot display them accurately at present.

  • Some special UIKit components (such as MKMapView, WKWebView)

    Such components have complex rendering mechanisms inside, and iOS2Sketch can only take screenshots of them and display them in the form of images.

  • Some custom components

    These components are not provided by Apple, they are developed by the developers themselves, and use a custom way to draw the UI. In this case, iOS2Sketch can't predict how it is drawn, so it can't know how to display it with Sketch's layers.

I’m working hard so that ios2sketch generate sketch document accurately 100% of the time. However, as a new and growing tool, we hope you’ll understand that a few things are not perfect yet.

If you find bugs when using iOS2Sketch, you are welcome to create an issue from iOS2Sketch.