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Here are some Sketch documents generated by using iOS2Sketch.

By checking out these docs, you can get a feel for what iOS2Sketch can achieve before actually using it.

The target apps here are all open source software. According to the licenses of these apps, capturing their screens to generate Sketch documents is allowed. But please note that you still need to use these documents within the scope permitted by the licenses of these apps. For details, please refer to the licenses of these apps.

Each row of the list below gives a link to an app, a link to the app's license, a link to the Sketch document, and a link to the Figma document. Figma documents are imported from Sketch documents.

It is recommended that you look through the Sketch document link because:

  1. After the Sketch document is imported by Figma, there may be some inconsistencies in details.
  2. Figma will not import prototype links in Sketch documents.

Here is the list